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Need date PHP code to output this;


This has failled!

$endDateTime = date ( 'Y-m-j'.'T'.'H:i:s'.'.5270036-02:00', strtotime ($endDateTime));
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just take a look at the documentation. the date-pattern you're looking for seems to be:


Note the T needs to be escaped with a \, otherwise it will be noticed as Timezone abbreviation. You also don't need to hard-code the microseconds (use u) and the Tiezone (P).

In addition, if you want to use this pattern, you should use DateTime::format instead of date because the later one uses casts it's parameter to an int, so the microseconds will always be 0

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You need to escape de T character

DateTime = date ( 'Y-m-j'."\T".'H:i:s'.'.5270036-02:00', strtotime ($endDateTime));
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Thanks, I also replaced the timezone with uP as oezi suggested –  mukamaivan Nov 13 '12 at 13:59

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