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I need to initialize with Dozer a String property on destination obect with empty string.

Imagine these objects:

public class Container {
            private String animalName;  
public class Animal {
    private String name;
    private String type;

I need to initialize from Container to Animal and to set type property to "" and not null:

The only way I found is to write a Custom Converter as follows:

public class InitializeStringConverter extends DozerConverter<Container, String>{

    public InitializeStringConverter() {
        super(Container.class, String.class);

    public Container convertFrom(String arg0, Container arg1) {
        return null;

    public String convertTo(Container arg0, String arg1) {
        return "";

and having this mapping:

        <field custom-converter="it.alten.sample.mapping.converter.InitializeStringConverter">

Is there a more concise way to accomplish this task?

Kind regards Massimo

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Dozer copies and converts values, it should not init fields in custom way as I think.

My solution for your problem:

  1. Enable null mapping for class or field - docs
  2. Create setter, which init field with empty value instead of null, like:

    void setType(String type) {this.type = (type != null ? type : "");}

I think, it more clear solution for your problem, because null control is functionality of setter and it's right.

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