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Can we can use 3rd party jar file with javax.scripting framework. Is there anything for adding to classpath?

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please be more specific, what library do you want to add, is it an implementation of a scripting engine? – Denis Tulskiy Nov 13 '12 at 11:27

I would expect simply to put it on the classpath of the process invoking the scripting framework, and then import the relevant classes (the import statement/mechanism will obviously differ depending upon what script language you're using)

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Yes you can.

Try this.

// import the packages.

// Create a loader function
function loadJar( filename ){
    var file = new File(filename);
    // Create the class loader
    var loader = URLClassLoader.newInstance(new URL[]{file.toURI().toURL()});
    // The JAR file
    var jar = new JarFile(file);
    var entries = jar.entries();

    while (entries.hasMoreElements()){
        var element = entries.nextElement();
        if (element.getName().endsWith(".class")){
            try {
                // Load the class
            } catch (Exception e){ e.printStackTrace(); }

Execute this script with all the jars before any other and this would work. Else you can simply add the required libraries to the class-path by editing the MANIFEST.MF file.

Also I recommend you to use beanshell which works even on JDK 1.1

For beanshell, you can use

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Thanks. It works! – Meera Menon Nov 14 '12 at 9:27

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