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in my app I have 2 BroadcastReceivers. Lets call the AReceiver and BReceiver. AReceiver is just listening for android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED so it can register BReceiverfor a different action, if its turned on in the settings of my app.

So I have a PreferenceActivity that can switch the status of my app, which means:

  • Status: On
    • AReceiver will not register BReceiver at boot
    • Changing from Off -> On should register BReceiver
  • Status: Off
    • AReceiver will register BReceiver at boot
    • Changing from On -> Off should unregister BReceiver

Here is the problem I'm having. How can I unregister BReceiver if it was either registered in AReceiver or in the PreferenceActivity, which could have been closed in the meanwhile? I don't know what I have to pass to unregisterBroadcastReceiver() as an argument, since it wants the instance of the registered receiver.

How do I retrieve the instance of a registered BroadcastReceiver so I can unregister it?

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You should be able to put the BReceiver in the manifest (default disabled) and then enable and disable it at any time. Have a look here

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Thanks. I was aware of the enabled state of a receiver in the manifest, but I thought I'd still have to unregister it. You shall not assume :/ Actually using this I only have to switch the state when the preference is changed, therefore rendering AReceiver useless, as I can put the IntentFilter into the manifest as well. –  taymless Nov 13 '12 at 12:53
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You can make that activation of BReceiver is always done via AReceiver (even when switching OFF->ON in preferences). So that AReceiver stores the instance of BReceiver and is able to unregister it. Does it make sense ?

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If i unterstood you right, you meant I should store the instance of Breceiver in AReceiver. If so, I don't think this would have worked, since the life time of a BroadcastReceiver instance is limited to the onReceive. So the instance which regeistered the BReceiver at boot would not have been the same, as the one that would have been used from the settings later on. –  taymless Nov 13 '12 at 12:57
Yes you're totally right. Go for @iLRedEiMAtTi's solution then :) –  fiddler Nov 13 '12 at 13:11
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