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Since GNU make 3.82 one of Makefiles written by another person no longer works:

../../PPB_ROOT/ppb-team.mk:238: * mixed implicit and normal rules. Stop.

line 238:

$.o %.h : %.idl
    @echo Cleaning up previous output of idl...
    @-rm -f $@
    @echo Making $@...
    @ if [ "$(LOCAL_ORB)" != "OMNIORB" ]; then \
        $(OWN_MAKE) -f $(MAKEFILE) `basename '$*'`_skel.o; \
        $(AR) $(ARFLAGS) `basename '$*'`.a `basename '$*'`.o `basename '$*'`_skel.o; \
    else \
        $(AR) $(ARFLAGS) `basename '$*'`.a `basename '$*'`.o; \

What '$.o' means? Is it a typo?

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I would say this is a typeo, from the GNU make docs section 4.2:


Because dollar signs are used to start make variable references, if you 
really want a dollar sign in a target or prerequisite you must write two
of them, ‘$$’ 

I would suspect it is supposed to be

%.o %.h : %.idl
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This looks to be a pattern rule that makes two targets (see example 3). So, it should probably be:

%.o %.h : %.idl
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