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This is my code:

function geocode(){
      var country_code ='us';
//    var country_code ='';    
//    if (country_code) var country_code = read_cookie('country');
//    country_code = country_code.toLowerCase();

    var GeoCoded = { done: false };
    var input = document.getElementById('loc');
    var options = { types: [], componentRestrictions: { 'country': country_code } };

It is designed to pull the cookie value stored on the users computer and set it to the component_restrictions value for the autosuggest. However, the problem I am having is, if the user doesnt have a cookie set, the value is empty. The componentRestriction only seems to work if there is a value there.

For example if I use this line it works:

var country_code ='us';

If I use this line it doesnt:

var country_code ='';

I want it to work so that if there is no cookie set then there is no componentRestriction so it autosuggests all countries. This only seems to work when I remove this code entirely:

componentRestrictions: { 'country': country_code } }
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Adjust options object based on cookie vs no cookie

var options = { types: []};

var country_code= read_cookie('country')

if( country_code){
    options.componentRestrictions= { 'country': country_code } ;
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Thank you. Have I done this correctly? – Jimmy Nov 13 '12 at 12:07
seems right, assuming you have a function read_cookie() – charlietfl Nov 13 '12 at 12:15
Thank you very much – Jimmy Nov 13 '12 at 12:18

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