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Having a path in a wxString variable, how do you append a subdirectory? Are there any specific functions for working with paths?

For those of you who know the Python language, there are nice functions like os.path.join("sub1", "sub2", "sub3"...) that joins the subX parts using the OS specific separator, and the os.path.split(path) that splits the path to the directory and the last name. The os.path.join() is nice even in situations when you are sure what separator can be used.

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P.S. I am interested in the lastest wxWidgets version (2.9.4+).

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wxFilename does what you need.


so, for example

wxFileName fname;

will create on windows

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Thanks. Looks nice. Sorry for the simple questions. I could not find it in the time. :) –  pepr Nov 13 '12 at 13:32

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