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Say I have a triple of user, action type, object like so:

andy visited url1
andy visited url2

How would I encode a timestamp value to these relations so we know andy visited url1 before url2?

Is RDF even the right data model to use or should I be using a property graph?

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You could model it by making the visit it's own Resource to which you can attach data:

:Andy :visited [ 
  :url <the_visited_url>; 
  :timestamp "the timestamp"^^xsd:dateTime 


:Visit1 a :Visit; 
  :visitedBy :Andy; 
  :url <the_visited_url>; 
  :timestamp "the timestamp"^^xsd:dateTime.

In either case, the visit itself is a concept, which lets you say whatever you want about it, including when it happened or what URL was visited.

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