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A few days ago, ruby 1.9.3p327 was released to handle a possible DoS issue.

Is there a way to upgrade ruby version in Heroku? right now I have ruby 1.9.3p286 (2012-10-12 revision 37165) [x86_64-linux] when I put ruby "1.9.3" in my gemfile


Heroku updated the ruby version on cedar to p327

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have you tried heroku run bundle update ? –  caarlos0 Nov 13 '12 at 12:41
heroku installs latest gem on every deploy if I don't specify version.. Thats how I found out rails 3.2.9 was out.. I'll try anyway –  Nick Ginanto Nov 13 '12 at 13:00
bundle update doesn't work –  Nick Ginanto Nov 13 '12 at 13:02
have you tried heroku toolbelt instead of heroku gem? –  endeR Nov 13 '12 at 13:34
I have heroku toolbelt - when I do heroku version I get heroku/toolbelt/2.33.0 (i386-mingw32) ruby/1.9.2 –  Nick Ginanto Nov 13 '12 at 13:40

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You can't specify a patch number in your Gemfile, you can only set the version number. Heroku will manage the patch levels so you will need to wait until they upgrade it.


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