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I am building iPhone App with Jquery in Xcode in my UIWebView i am trying to load a lot of of images from JSON file on my web server but the first time i load the app to my iPhone it cant get all of the images (just after couple of time the app get all the images (Probably Because of the browser is caching)

onerror event not working good for me

is somebody have a solution for me ?

this is my code

function setMenu(){var i,j; 
for (i=0; i<menu.length; ++i) { 
    $('#menu').append('<li data-role="list-divider" style="text-align:right">'+categories[i]+'</li>')
    for (j=0; j<menu[i].length; ++j) 
        var dMoney = money(menu[i][j].price);
        $('#menu').append('<li style="text-align:right" onClick="SelectedItem('+i+','+j+');"><a href="#"  data-transition="slide"><img src="img/'+menu[i][j].img+'" id="IMG'+menu[i][j].productId+'" onerror="imgErorr(this.id,img/'+menu[i][j].img+');"/><h3 align="right">'+menu[i][j].productName+'</h3><p align="right">'+menu[i][j].productInfo+'</p><p align="right"> '+'₪'+dMoney+'</p><p></p></a></li>');         
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