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Print array to a file

How can I write the ouput (for example when I use an array), in a file?, I was trying with this:

$status_redis = ob_get_contents();
fwrite($file, $status_redis);
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print_r() has a second parameters that if passed as TRUE returns the output as a string.

$output = print_r($data, true);
file_put_contents('file.txt', $output);

You could even cosinder using var_export function, as it provides better information about data types. From print_r you can't tell if the variable is NULL of FALSE, but var_export lets use see exactly the data type of a variable.

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print_r($expression [, bool $return = false ]) has optional parameter that identifies you want to return string or echo one.

$str = print_r($desiredVariable, true);
fwrite($handle, $str);

Also I'd use file_put_contents:

$content = print_r($yourVar, true);
file_put_contents('file.log', $content);
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