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I'm working on a small project and I've ran in to a problem. I'm using jQuery to create new elements. So because they were not in the document when the page loaded, I can't manipulate them in any way. Is there a way to make jQuery read the new elements in order to fix my problem?

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You need to use event delegation:

$("body").on("click", "img.fbimg", function() {

Here you may replace "body" with any static parent element of img.fbimg.

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You seem to need

$(document.body).on('click', "img.fbimg", function(){

This would let the click event be catched even on dynamically added elements whose selector is "img.fbimg".

Note that if you have a more precise element containing your images and existing on load, it would be more efficient to use

$('#idOfElementContainingAllTheImages').on('click', "img.fbimg", function(){


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