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I am making a 3 tier application in c++ builder XE3 with Datasnaps and i am working on the middle tier part for now. but i have one problem, the server needs to show the information from the client to. lets say if the client pushes two int's say 5 and 5 and the server should sum them up the server should show it in its gui also.

long story short how do i access the ServerObject list wich contain my server methods, where is it stored and can i even access it?

this is probably the most vague question i ever posted, but i cant explain any better. thanks in advanced.

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found it myself. the objects are accessible at the ServerPrepare Event. every time there is interaction with the server the object is available in DSPrepareEventObject->MethodInstance that must be casted to a instance of your Serverclass.

EDIT: or even better all forms are global objects :/

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