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I am looking at some open source code to better familiarize myself with rails code.

I see the following in the application_controller

  def can_signup?
    [ :allowed, :needs_approval ].include? Setting.user_signup

I can't seem to find where this method is defined in the code Setting.user_signup

Setting is a model

What can I be missing? link to code:

Grep output:

/rails_projects/fat_free_crm $ grep -r --include="*.rb" "user_signup" .
./app/controllers/application_controller.rb:    [ :allowed, :needs_approval ].include? Setting.user_signup
./app/controllers/users_controller.rb:      if Setting.user_signup == :needs_approval
./app/models/users/user.rb:    self.suspended? && self.login_count == 0 && Setting.user_signup == :needs_approval
./app/models/users/user.rb:    self.suspended_at = if Setting.user_signup == :needs_approval && !self.admin
./spec/controllers/authentications_controller_spec.rb:          Setting.stub!(:user_signup).and_return(:needs_approval)
./spec/controllers/users_controller_spec.rb:        Setting.stub!(:user_signup).and_return(:needs_approval)
./spec/models/users/user_spec.rb:    Setting.stub(:user_signup).and_return(:needs_approval)
./spec/models/users/user_spec.rb:    Setting.stub(:user_signup).and_return(:needs_approval)
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In this case the Setting model is using method_missing, which is a special method called (if defined) when a NoMethodError exception is raised.

More info on method_missing here:

If you take a look to method_missing implementation in Setting:

You'll find that Setting.user_signup will become Setting['user_signup'], so the [] method will be called with user_signup as first argument:

That method ([]), according to documentation, will search a setting within a database table or a .yml file with the name equal to the first argument, and then returns the relative value.

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Since Ruby is a dynamic language the best way to look for a method is to search for the string itself. Keep in mind that since methods may be created dynamically there may not be an actual def user_signup anywhere in the code, still the method might exist.

To search for the string across all project you can use your editor(whichever that is - all of them has this option), or just use grep -r user_signup . from your app root.

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I had done the grep but didn't find anything that would look like method initialization...I've updated the question – birdy Nov 13 '12 at 14:04
try to grep "_signup" – Erez Rabih Nov 13 '12 at 14:07

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