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I'm generating a client for a SOAP 1.2 service using wsimport from the jaxws-maven-plugin in maven with the following execution:


The first time the client call the proxy, the load balancer generate a cookie and sends it back. The client should send it back so the load balancer knows where (which server) is dedicated to a specific client (the idea is that the first time the client get a server and the cookie identifies the server, then the load balancer sends the client to the same server for every call)

Now, is there a way to tell to the plugin to enable automatically the cookie handling?

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Yes, you must set the property SESSION_MAINTAIN_PROPERTY.

Example for a service called HelloService:

Hello port = new HelloService().getHelloPort();

Setting SESSION_MAINTAIN_PROPERTY tells JAX-WS to accept cookies from the server and to send them back on all subsequent calls -- just like a browser would. This can be used to maintain a session.

Source: Rama Pulavarthi - Maintaining Session With JAX-WS.

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