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In my STS installation, I tried to upgrade Xmx1024 to Xmx4096. My computer computer has 8GB installed memory. But it keeps giving me an error message - "could not create java virtual machine" and exits with code 1. What could possibly be the problem and what should I do to fix it?

enter image description here

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That's it: you're running a 32 bit JVM. I think you can't have more than 3GiB (or maybe 2GiB, I read by there) in a 32 bit JVM.

Can you try running a 64 bit JVM?

As they say in this article, you seem to be missing the unit.

Don't you want to write Xmx4096m?

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If you see the screen shot, eclipse automatically adds Xmx4096m – Sajan Chandran Nov 13 '12 at 16:53
@SajanChandran now I see the screenshot. I edited the answer - can it be true? – mgarciaisaia Nov 13 '12 at 17:03

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