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In my rails model, i define a class and a method to return me an array of Project names. Now my question is, should I, is it correct to use the Project.names array in my view, or should I generate an array in the controller, and pass with an instance variable.

class Project < ActiveRecord::Base


  def self.names {|x| }

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From practical perspective, it is always a hard decision where to draw the line between view layer and controller logic. It could be questionable to fill your controller with the likes of:

# controller
@project_names = Project.names

# view
<%= @project_names.join(", ") %>

Only to use the @procject_names in the view.

But keeping that code out from views would give you later the opportunity to do this without changing the view:

# Controller is updated
@project_names = Project.names

# Show only matching projects
if params[:search]
  @project_names ={|n| n =~ /#{params[:search]}/}

# view - still the same
<%= @project_names.join(", ") %>

Also, take look at the Draper gem which builds upon the Decorator pattern and ViewModel of the MVVM pattern.

With Draper, you can keep even your controllers cleaner and have multiple decorators for same object depending on the need (e.g one for web, other for mailer) while still using same view code to render output.

Common thing to place in the Decorator is localized dates which depend on logged in user, therefore don't fit into view, but would clutter the controller with view-layer logic.

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I'll definitely stick to fill the instance variable in the controller. BTW, a word about your code: {|x| }

Can be refactored to:

An this, can be refactored to:


Love Ruby.

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Got to know Project.pluck(:name), (pluck), @Dario, yes you are right, cant stop loving ruby :) – sameera207 Nov 13 '12 at 19:04

It's generally considered best practice to separate the pulling of data and the display of data appropriately, where the view is responsible for only displaying that data. I'd definitely say it would be a better idea to generate the array in your controller and pass it in to your view.

MVC is a quite a large topic - for more information check out the Rails Guides:

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Hmm can I ask you "why?" I always wondered to know the answer but can you develop your point please? – MrYoshiji Nov 13 '12 at 14:47

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