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I have the following recipe for Chef:

def prestashop_deployDatabase (username)
    sql_path = '/tmp/prestashop_create_tables.sql'

    template sql_path do
        source "prestashop152.sql.erb"
        owner "root"
        group node['mysql']['root_group']
        mode "0600"
            :username => #{username}
        action :create

For some reason; it cannot understand the 'username' argument i'm passing.

PS: I'm a Ruby n00b.

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#{username} is a comment in ruby. You should write "#{username}", or better in this case, just username.

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Not entirely equivalent, username.to_s in case you get weird errors. –  Reactormonk Nov 13 '12 at 15:03

In ruby:

  • # in code starts a one-line comment
  • #{} in a string starts interpolation - everything in the braces will be interpreted as ruby code.

Since you're using # in code here, it comments out the rest of the line {username}, so in effect your code says this:

  :username =>

which will give you a syntax error.

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