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When using the typeahead functionality from Twitter Bootstrap (example) the first suggestion gets selected when I press TAB and when I press ENTER. However, when a user does NOT want to use one of the suggestions there is only one way to achieve this and that is grabbing the mouse and clicking on the submit button.

I want a way of doing this with only the keyboard, TAB or ARROW-UP both seem intuitive, but in both cases I can't get the default behaviour of Bootstrap to stop. I tried both preventDefault() and stopPropagation().

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The way I solved this was by initializing the list with suggestions with the current query. So when pressing enter or tab the query is selected. When pressing arrow-down or arrow-up + enter a real suggestion is selected.

This is similar to what Chrome does when typing something in the url bar.

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Note that ESC does stop the autocomplete behaviour and lets you enter you own query. –  arno_v Jan 24 '13 at 12:11
I want to upvote twice for this great work around. –  Lekhnath Nov 10 at 7:20

An old question, but still relevant. You can remove this with the following. Find the following in the typeahead.jquery.js file and comment it out

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