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My App needs to trigger alarms at weekdays only. My idea was to schedule notifications for each day, but the problem is that I read that 64 scheduled notifications are the maximum you can have and with my notifications there will be a total of 120 notifications so this can't be done.

Now I'm wondering if there is a way to cancel all the notifications on Saturday and Sunday instead.

The code I am using now that repeats the notification in weekends to:

NSDateComponents *comps = [[NSDateComponents alloc] init];
    [comps setHour:8];
    [comps setMinute:25];
    NSCalendar *gregorian = [[NSCalendar alloc] initWithCalendarIdentifier:NSGregorianCalendar];
    NSDate *fireDate = [gregorian dateFromComponents:comps];

    UILocalNotification *alarm = [[UILocalNotification alloc] init];

    alarm.fireDate = fireDate;
    alarm.repeatInterval = NSDayCalendarUnit;
    alarm.soundName = @"sound.aiff";
    alarm.alertBody = @"Message..";
    alarm.timeZone = [NSTimeZone defaultTimeZone];
    [[UIApplication sharedApplication] scheduleLocalNotification:alarm];
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You can always check a week day when you init your notification with date/time. Can you show me your code where you set up your notification? –  anatoliy_v Nov 13 '12 at 15:42
@anatoliy_v please see my first updated post, thanks in advance. –  user1771336 Nov 13 '12 at 16:54

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Look at [UIApplication scheduledLocalNotifications], you have all notification scheduled.

It's an array of UILocalNotification.

Make a loop with this array and look at the date fireDate of the notification, and do :

[UIApplication cancelLocalNotification:theNotificationToDelete];
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Thanks for the reply, however I don't know what you mean. My notification works fine but repeats every day and I want it to cancel them all at Saterday and Sunday. –  user1771336 Nov 13 '12 at 17:20
You have scheduled all notifications for each day in advance ? –  malinois Nov 13 '12 at 17:54
I just created 24 notifications, and set the repeat to Daily, because I can't schedule 120 notifications because of Apple's limit. –  user1771336 Nov 13 '12 at 18:07
I understand but you can schedule your notifications daily with a for loop instead of the daily parameter. –  malinois Nov 13 '12 at 19:06
Do you have any example code how I can achieve this, in which direction should I start coding? –  user1771336 Nov 13 '12 at 20:45

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