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I have a grid created using a sql datasource in my asp page. So Sorting is done automatically using in build control(no codes added for sorting in

But If I refresh the page or if I go to some other page, the sorting order disappears.

Is there a way to catch the previous sort order (sort direction and sort expression)?

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On page PreRender event store the current values of GridView.SortDirection and GridView.SortExpression properties in, for example, Session:

this.Session[this.GetType().FullName + ".GridView.SortDirection"] = this.GridView.SortDirection;
this.Session[this.GetType().FullName + ".GridView.SortExpression"] = this.GridView.SortExpression;

On page Init event execute this code:

if (!this.IsPostBack && this.Session.Contains(this.GetType.FullName + ".GridView.SortDirection"))
    this.GridView.SortDirection = (SortDirection)this.Session[this.GetType().FullName + ".GridView.SortDirection"];
    this.GridView.SortExpression = (string)this.Session[this.GetType().FullName + ".GridView.SortExpression"];
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if you need help converting this code to VB.NET, let us know. – Knaģis Nov 13 '12 at 15:25
thanks mate. ........ – Binny Aug 7 '14 at 9:55

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