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I wanted to launch the process from firebreath,so I included "boost/process.hpp". Just including this header alone throws compile error. could some one help?

FireBreath 1.6.1, FireBreath 1.7.0,windows 8


2>C:\Projects\plugin\FireBreath\src\3rdParty\boost\boost/process/detail/pipe.hpp(129): error C2665: 'boost::system::system_error::system_error' : none of the 7 overloads could convert all the argument types 2> C:\Projects\plugin\FireBreath\src\3rdParty\boost\boost/system/system_error.hpp(39): could be 'boost::system::system_error::system_error(int,const boost::system::error_category &,const std::string &)' 2> C:\Projects\plugin\FireBreath\src\3rdParty\boost\boost/system/system_error.hpp(43): or 'boost::system::system_error::system_error(int,const boost::system::error_category &,const char *)' 2> while trying to match the argument list '(DWORD, overloaded-function, const char [54])'

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I faced same problem

boost: 1.47
OS:    Windows XP (32 bit VM)

But not with FireBreath

I changed boost::system::system_category to boost::system::system_category() in pipe.hpp line 129

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the boost::process library that was in FireBreath has compilation errors in them. I have fixed those errors and it now compiles for me, at least when including . I haven't actually tried to use it on windows yet, nor I suspect has anyone else.

Good luck, hope that helps.

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