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I have searched for this question in quite a few places, and I haven't really found the specific answer. You know how there are tabs on company pages such as "photos," "locations" etc.? And also you can add tabs by iframing the content?

So, on mobile, apparently the only tabs that show - no matter how I shuffle the tab order - are the "photos," "locations" and "likes." (In other words, the ones facebook generates by default.)

I've seen articles on how to produce facebook apps that function on mobile, but they all follow the model of the person trying to access the app needing to use a special url. Nothing seems to address the concept of the tab showing up in the first place on the mobile browser, which they could then click to access such an app without knowing the special URL. Is this limitation by design? Is there any workaround to make the clickable tab itself show up in a mobile browser?

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