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I'm trying to run Codedui tests in chrome. Here is the code i'm using:

BrowserWindow.CurrentBrowser = "chrome";
var browser = BrowserWindow.Launch(new Uri(""));

But i'm getting exception: "The browser chrome is currently not supported". I have VS2012 Ultimate and 'Selenium components for Coded UI Cross Browser Testing' installed.

Am I doing something wrong or is there smthing i need to check?

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are you on VS2012 update 1? – allen Jan 28 '13 at 5:09

I believe I am getting a similar issue regarding cross browser and CodedUi tests. I think it is due to compatibility problems and the fact that VS2012 CodedUi can only run in IE from what I have read. Hopefully this link might help you, or at least give you a starting point towards a solution. Sorry I couldn't be of further help.

CodedUI Cross Browser Plugin

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This got me started. After I installed and made some tweaks to some test cases I was able to run coded ui tests on Chrome.

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You should install VS2012 update 1 or greater to use this functional

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