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I am new to FIX. I have a FIX message:


and I am using quickfixJ. Here is my class code:

    public String getYear(Message aMessage, SessionID aSessionID){
        try {
            crack(aMessage, aSessionID);
        } catch (Exception e) {

        String year = String.valueOf(mUTCCal.get(Calendar.YEAR));
        String begin = String.valueOf(BeginString);
        return year + " " + begin;

and when I call this method I 2012 null I tried all sorts of methods for different fields and I get null. I am confused about why I do not get null for the date and how do I make it interpret correctly the other fields?

    quickfix.fix44.NewOrderSingle message;
    message = new quickfix.fix44.NewOrderSingle();
    SessionID session = new SessionID("beginString", "senderCompID", "targetCompID");
    MyApp app = new MyApp("", "", "");
    String result = app.myMessage(message, session);

I do not understand where to input the string I have (up top) into message

    public void onMessage(Message message, SessionID sessionID) throws FieldNotFound {
        Header header = message.getHeader();
        String FIX = header.getString(8);


    public void onMessage(quickfix.fix44.NewOrderSingle message, SessionID sessionID) throws FieldNotFound, UnsupportedMessageType, IncorrectTagValue {
    Header header = message.getHeader();
    String FIX = header.getString(8);
            String a = message.getString(1);

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In order to correctly get and parse FIX messages via QuickFIX, you must:

The FromApp method can be very simple:

public void fromApp(Message message, SessionID sessionID)
  crack(message, sessionID);

Now, in your example you have a message FIX 4.4 of type 35=D [NewOrderSingle]

Therefore, you MUST implement a method as follows:

    public override void onMessage(QuickFix44.NewOrderSingle message, SessionID session)
        base.onMessage(message, session);

Now into your method you can easily work with all the fields you need:

    public override void onMessage(QuickFix44.NewOrderSingle message, SessionID session)
        base.onMessage(message, session);

        ClOrdID ordid = new ClOrdID();

Please also take a look here: http://www.quickfixengine.org/quickfix/doc/html/receiving_messages.html

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Thank you very much! Your response helped very much. This worked. I read the receiving messages page and I understand now about the FIX version and message type. Thanks. Do you have a simple example of code in main that would print ordid? – jon Nov 13 '12 at 17:55
Once you have the ordid in the onMessage method, you can store it in a class variable or consume it in the same method. – stexcec Nov 13 '12 at 18:36
I do not understand the override method. Is the quickfix.fix44.NewOrderSingle message the same message as from the fromApp method? I am looking here quickfixj.org/quickfixj/usermanual/1.5.1/usage/… . quickfix.fix44.NewOrdersingle objects do not take any input, so how do I create a this object with my string as the input? Is there documentation on this ovveriding method? The only thing i saw is "Any function you do not overload will by default throw an UnsupportedMessageType exception" – jon Nov 13 '12 at 19:43
onMessage() is for handling received messages, not sent messages. The crack() method in fromApp() will take that original message, cast it to the correct type, and call the appropriate onMessage() override; if there is no approprate override, then it throws the exception. If you want to create and send a NewOrderSingle, see these docs. – Grant Birchmeier Nov 13 '12 at 21:21
For some reason my handler onMessage(quickfix.fix44.NewOrderSingle message, SessionID session) is being skipped over. I am not getting any errors. The app recognizes it as a handler but when I run after it runs crack(message, session) it terminates and does not go to the handler. Do you know what could be the cause? I tried also implementing using @Handler but it did not help – jon Nov 21 '12 at 21:43

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