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I am current working on a project to place a Zinc 4.0 built flash menu on a CD. One of the buttons on the menu needs to open a external catalog that is a .exe file. I was able to use the fscommand scripts to get this to work in a flash projector. But I wanted some more options in the design of the windows itself so I ran it through Zinc 4.0 instead. Now the file no longer executes on the button click.

I tried some of the some Zinc 4.0 scripting and it still does not work.

This is the code snippet I am currently using.

view_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, openCat);
function openCat (e:MouseEvent):void {

Any suggestions or ideas ?

Thank you

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I solved it and so hopefully no one has to go through my stress here is my working code. – James Martins Nov 13 '12 at 20:15
view_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,viewCat); function viewCat(e:MouseEvent){ var app:String = ""; if(mdm.Application && mdm.Application.path.length > 0) { // system dependant separator is needed to compute // subdirectory path to "fscommand" dir where exe is stored var separator:String = mdm.Application.path.substr(-1); // path (absolute) to "fscommand" location app = mdm.Application.path+"fscommand"+separator+app; // now execute it via {mdm} script mdm.System.exec(app); } else { // execute with fscommand flash.system.fscommand("exec", app); } } – James Martins Nov 13 '12 at 20:16

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