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What is the recommended way to deploy a region coprocessor jar to an HBase cluster running CDH 4 with Cloudera Manager? Specifically, is there a recommended way to distribute the jar and add it to each regionserver's classpath? Ideally I would add it to the /lib directory in HDFS, but this raises two questions:

  1. Is it possible to add an HDFS uri to the java class path, such as hdfs:///lib?
  2. How is the HBase classpath changed in Cloudera manager? I cannot find a configuration setting corresponding to adding export HBASE_CLASSPATH=hdfs:///lib to hbase-env.sh
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We can put coprocessor jars into hdfs path, but you should not define it in HBASE_CLASSPATH, only you can do is: Create/Alter table , put the hdfs into the method:

htd.addCoprocessor(className, jarFilePath, priority, kvs);

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