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Outlook stores read receipts as ReportItem objects.

Is it possible to get an ID or some details of the original message belonging to a given read receipt? I've looked through the properties of the ReportItem object but I'm lost.

Since read receipts come in different forms, I wouldn't want to process the body of the receipt programmatically - instead I'm looking to get it from Outlook if it's possible.

Note: the solution should work from at least Outlook 2003 to new versions.

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Use the Remdemption library on your item 'myitem'. In my opinion better than the above

    If vs_sender = "" Then 'read receipts
            Set objSMail = CreateObject("Redemption.SafeMailItem")
            objSMail.item = myitem
            vs_sender = objSMail.SenderEmailAddress
            vs_recipient = myitem.Recipients(1).Address
            Set objSMail = Nothing
    End If
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You mean: "You just need to filter by the ConversationTopic and then use the first 44 chars of the ConversationIndex to identify the original source MailItem."

But I think we only filter by the first 44 chars of the ConversationIndex. Because if there are 2 emails have same ConversationTopic then we are no need to filter with ConversationTopic.

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It looks like the only link between the ReportItem and the source MailItem is the ConversationIndex and ConversationTopic. This is what Outlook uses to link together the read receipt messages with the related source MailItem. You just need to filter by the ConversationTopic and then use the first 44 chars of the ConversationIndex to identify the original source MailItem.

Sample Conversation Indexes

Source Index: 01CDC1C35624E2A7BD18CF8C439CA73B62A052922657
Receipt Index: 01CDC1C35624E2A7BD18CF8C439CA73B62A0529226570000012862

You can use Items.Restrict to reduce the items to a specific DASL filter

DASL Search:

[ConversationTopic] = 'read receipt ConversationTopic here'

Locating ReportItem's parent MailItem

Outlook.MailItem source = FindReadReceiptSourceMessage(ri);
string entryID = source.EntryID;
// ...
public static Outlook.MailItem FindReadReceiptSourceMessage(Outlook.ReportItem readReceipt) 
    Outlook.Folder inbox = Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.Session.GetDefaultFolder(Outlook.OlDefaultFolders.olFolderInbox) as Outlook.Folder;
    string sourceIndex = readReceipt.ConversationIndex.Substring(0, 44);
    string topicFilter = string.Format("[ConversationTopic] = '{0}'", readReceipt.ConversationTopic);
    Outlook.Items topicItems = inbox.Items.Restrict(topicFilter);
    return topicItems.OfType<Outlook.MailItem>().Where(c=>c.ConversationIndex.Equals(sourceIndex)).FirstOrDefault();
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