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I would like to fire a function when the user changes the value of the text box. Not when they click on it (Like onfocus, .focus or .change) but when they edit the content from the pre-filled value.


<input id="formloginpassword" type="text" name="pass" placeholder="Password" value="filled-from-backend"></input>


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You could try keyup, keydown or keypress:

​$("input").on("keyup", function(){


Look here for more details about the 3 events: What's the theory behind jQuery keypress, keydown, keyup black magic (on Macs)?

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.keyup is great, now that I think about it. Thanks! –  GiantDuck Nov 13 '12 at 17:29

Maybe with keypress no ?

$("#formloginpassword").keypress(function() {
   alert("Handler for .keypress() called.");

Documentation here -> keypress

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