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I have a method like this

class SomeClass
  def self.test_method

How do i write test for this method.

one solution i thought of is stubbing sleep method and it worked but i am not able to stub the while keyword. please suggest best practices for unit testing a method which has infinite loop.

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Maybe you can move everything inside the while except the sleep to another method, then you write specs only for that method, I don't think you really need to test that your method has a while loop and a sleep (you don't need to test EVERY line of your code :P) but if you want to do that check this question, it has some things you can try What is the best practice when it comes to testing "infinite loops"?

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Agreed. but i was hoping is there any way to stub the while(true) keyword. if its not then i have to separate the logic out of it. –  Sharath B. Patel Nov 14 '12 at 6:33

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