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I have a log4j logger that I instantiate like this:

logger = Logger.getLogger("EQUIP(" + id + ")");

Doing so, when I call logger.info("message"), I should get an output like this (with some date formatting):

13/11/12 15:08:27 INFO: EQUIP(1): message

But I'm only getting:

13/11/12 15:08:27 INFO: message

I'm also printing logger.getName() to the console for debugging and it gives me back the correct "EQUIP(1)" name. This behaviour is happening in some cases in my program, where I have several loggers like this, but mostly in this specific class. I want to know if I'm doing something wrong, if this name should be only the class/package name, or if it can be anything (it works well in 80+% of my loggers). I need to print the ID of each equipment because I have several of them working simultaneous, and tracking them without this would be next to impossible.

How should I fix this, preferably without resourcing to changing all my log calls to include this prefix?

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I think getLogger takes the logger name not a prefix. –  mux Nov 13 '12 at 17:20
Yes, I know, I'm trying to use the prefix as the logger name here, since it doesn't matter if it gets reused –  Rodrigo Castro Nov 13 '12 at 17:29

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The output format depends on the pattern you've configured for the appender. If the pattern string includes %c then you'll get the logger name included, if it doesn't then you won't.

An alternative approach might be to use the mapped diagnostic context, which is designed to disambiguate between log output from different threads writing to the same logger.

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Thanks, that worked as charm! –  Rodrigo Castro Nov 13 '12 at 17:31

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