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I have the following scenario on SQL Server 2008R2:

  • A stored proc to gather data
  • Transfer data between two SQL Servers

This process is to be done with transactions.

Below is what I'm thinking of doing in this case: SSIS Package Outline[1]

In regards to the above, the transfer of data from Server A to Server B is a simple data flow from source to destination. I would have to set the option to "RetainSameConnection" = true on Server B in this case.

My questions are as follows:

  • First, does this outline a viable working solution?
  • Since data is being moved from A to B, the transaction would have to open and commit/rollback on Server B?
  • RetainSameConnection set to true is only necessary on Server B connection?
  • Is there something I am missing or suggestions?

I know there is also MS DTC handling of transactions available for SSIS of which I am doing data gathering to present to Operations but do want to have another possible solution since this process could be prioritize to "now" very quickly.

Thank you all in advance.

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Answers to your questions in order: Yes, Yes, Yes, and no. You're not missing anything.

Word of advice: set retaisameconnection to true on all the connection managers; it's good for performance. Make sure you name your transactions like begin tran A. Don't go anywhere near using SSIS built-in transactions - it's slow and complex.

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