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I want to enable users of my App to purchase app credit outside the App and then consume and buy things inside the App using those credit.

Since the payments are already done outside the App. The credit are already purchased. I suppose it is not against the policy, but I was afraid Apple might still reject this.

I have not seen any kind of credit payment like this on Apps that I use. Games like cityvile and TinyTower all use IAP.

Will my App be rejected? If so why is it against Apple's policy?

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This is not against the policy as long that you do not provide (or link to) a method to purchase the credits within the app that isn't Apple's In-App Purchase system.

Any purchasing within the app must be done through Apple's In-App Purchase system, and you may not have any links to that lead the user directly to an external place where they may purchase the credits.

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Thank you. The user can spend 1000$ to buy App credit outside the App then spend all of it gradually inside the App which is very convenient. But I was afraid that this kind of smart work-around the inevitable 3:7 revenue split will upset Apple. Apple might put up arbitrary policies against my App. Btw, my app might get into very big scale which could upset Apple even further. –  user1307179 Nov 13 '12 at 17:36
Good luck. Remember that you can't put any reference within your app to help the user find their way to your online store. Apple won't allow that. –  Jasarien Nov 14 '12 at 0:20

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