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I have created a function createFileSelect() which creates elements:

function createFileSelect() {

    var fSpan = $("<span/>",
            "id" : "fileUpload-span",
            "class" : "btn btn-add",
            "text" : "Add a file.."

    var fInput = $("<input/>", {
        "type": "file",
        "name": "files[]",
        "id": "fileUpload"       

    return $(fSpan + fInput);

Then I call this using:


However, I am getting an error

Syntax error, unrecognized expression: [object Object][object Object]

How can I get this working with the (2) elements into the dom using a function?


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Change the return statement to use jQuery's .add method:

return fSpan.add(fInput);

If you want the input within the span, use this instead:

return fSpan.append(fInput);
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Replace your following line:

return $(fSpan + fInput);

for this one:

return fSpan.add(fInput);
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The + operator is not defined for objects in javascript, so they are coerced to strings first (which is the "[object Object][object Object]" string). Then, as you pass the string to the $ function, it tries to interpret it as HTML, which in turn generates the syntax error you are seeing.

To merge two jQuery objects together, you can use the .add() function, that returns a new object that contains both:

return fSpan.add(fInput);
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