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By default, ASP.NET 4 uses the HMACSHA256 algorithm for hash operations on cookies and view state. It there any simple way to check the current Hash algorithm of ASP membership service?

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There are two places (that I know of) to look --

Check your web.config -- you can set the hash for your membership services there which would override the machine settings.

<membership hashAlgorithmType="SHA1">...</membership>

if this doesn't apply to you, then you can check the machineKey in IIS.

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I checked the machineKey in IIS7, it said it uses SHA1 and there is no SHA256 in the Combobox. According to ASP.NET4 document, it uses HMACSHA256 in ASP.NET4 but I can't find it. So, it makes me confused. I saw the link you post, it shows ASP.NET 4.5 include the SHA-2 family in the Combobox. Do you know why I can't see the SHA-2 family in the MachineKey combobox in my IIS7 server with ASP.NET 4.0? – user689072 Nov 13 '12 at 19:56

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