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I am building a webapp game that has a scrolling background. The background is just a really tall image that is copied to the smaller canvas in slices to give the sensation of movement. The image file I started with was 6000px tall (my canvas is 640px tall). All desktop browsers and iPad2 (iOS 6) loaded the image file fine and the animation looks great.

However, on iPhone 4S (iOS 5) - the background never loads at all! I solved the problem by just cutting the big background image down until it was under 2000px tall, and there the iPhone finally loaded the graphics onto the canvas and everything works great from there.

So my question is - is there a maximum file size that the javascript canvas.context can handle? Maybe just on certain devices?

I tried all kinds of other work arounds to ensure the file was completely loaded before the JS code ran on the canvas, to no avail.

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I found this previous post in stack overflow that may answer you question fully.

Maximum size of a <canvas> element

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Thanks! I actually saw this post when I was trouble shooting. In my case, the canvas itself is actually only 700 x 640 - nothing special. What I'm wondering is, does the browser need to uncompress my big 6000px tall jpeg into RAM as bitmap or something? And maybe there is a memory limit on the whole process? –  pinhead Nov 13 '12 at 17:56
>... Downloaded a 5772x3652 15MB image and the iPad showed/down graded it as 3641x2303 8MB image to display it on the iPad... a discussion of interest –  dRoneBrain Nov 14 '12 at 2:59

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