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I'm trying to implement a transaction with 2 different database.
I currently have a persistence unit for each database, and wanted to write on a table A that exists on schema SA and write on a table B on schema SB, on the same transaction.

I'm using weblogic and eclipselink.

I've search a little, but found no example of using multiple persistence units on the same transaction.

Can someone tell me the correct way of doing this?

thank you

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Found out that, this should be implemented using XA datasources.
Each persistence unit should use a XA datasource, and then take part on a two-phase commit.

I now have:

  • 2 datasources with driver: oracle.jdbc.xa.client.OracleXADataSource and the credentials to login on both databases
  • each persistence unit is called on a ejb facade, and those ejb facades are called on the global transaction.
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