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I made an image viewer that has 3 activities:

1) Main: where I search for files using regexp against filenames. The result is an ArrayList called 'files' that is sent using Extras to...

2) Thumbs: Through Extras it gets the filenames, and shows a grid with thumbnails (already stored locally). When you click a thumbnail, the position and 'files' is sent to...

3) Photo: It shows files(position) fullscreen.

Now, I want to make 'Photo' my default image viewer. I know how to call the class from another app. But is is possible to make 'Photo' the default viewer just by clicking an image, without calling the whole app?

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without calling the whole app? - I don't understand the question, what do you mean by this? –  Squonk Nov 13 '12 at 18:14
@Squonk: Yes. Please see the answer below. –  Luis A. Florit Nov 13 '12 at 23:05

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In your manifest under your "Photo" image viewer activity add the following intent filter:

    <action android:name="android.intent.action.VIEW" />
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />
    <data android:mimeType="image/*" />

You'll need to get the URI of the image from within the intent to display it.

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When I click in an image, I still get No application can perform this action (I've disabled the Gallery app). Moreover, I got a warning on the manifest file: Exported activity does not require permission. –  Luis A. Florit Nov 13 '12 at 18:38
I forgot the category.. Try the updated XML with the category added. you can set your activity to not be exported by setting 'android:exported="false"' in the <activity> tag –  dymmeh Nov 13 '12 at 18:49
Great, this looks alive now... Just one more question, please: How do I get the URI of the image from within the intent to display it? I tried adding a method public Photo(Uri uri) { ... } inside the Photo class, without success... Thanks a lot!! –  Luis A. Florit Nov 13 '12 at 18:59
In your activity that gets opened in the onCreate / onResume (basically anywhere in the activity) you can call Uri uri = getIntent().getData(); and that will give you the URI of the image –  dymmeh Nov 13 '12 at 19:01
Two problems: first, the thing crashed with a Permission denial exception due to the lack of export. So I deleted the line, and kept the warning. But at least I get something now. Problem is that I get as uri.getPath() the following: /external/images/media/119275. Not even directory /external exists! :( But at least Photo opens without errors. Thanks for your patience... –  Luis A. Florit Nov 13 '12 at 19:29

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