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I have been experimenting with dust.js by using the home page to create templates ( I am simply trying to set the selected option in a selectbox. Here is my data model:

  "name": "SOME NAME",
  "favorite_food": 1,
  "food_options": [{id:1, value: "Ice Cream"},{id:2, value: "Pizza"},{id:3, value:    "Fish"}]

I would like to set the selected option by matching the id in the food_options array to the favorite_food property. Here is my template:

    <option value="{id}"{@eq key=id value=favorite_food}  selected="true"{/eq} >

It seems like it should be simple and I've tried all sorts of variations, but can't get it to work. Any advice is much appreciated.

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The Dust helpers you're hoping for are actually a part of the LinkedIn fork of Dust.js. To be able to use those helpers, try using this site:

LinkedIn fork of Dust:

DustJs Helpers:

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Problem solved - I guess I was using the wrong page to test my template. When I used this the first link ( everything worked as expected. Thanks smfoote! –  niall kader Nov 13 '12 at 19:58

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