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i change my footer style in my cross-apple wordpress theme, and i notice that the footer was duplicate the style from the sidebar category style.

see here the sidebar style that work good:

also, i have notice that my other sidebar was changed to the footer style. see here the sidebar at the right:

now, i was div into the style code and tried to change some things but without success.

here is my site:

how can i change the footer style to work as different style (the style that display at my homepage), and the sidebar to work as different style (the style at my contact page)?

here is the css files:



and the gray style:


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Can you tell us how you modified the footer style? By editing style.css for that theme or some other way ? A quick inspect element shows that your footer widget is getting a class called widget_nav and your sidebar is getting a widget_categories which should be the other way round.

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i was add the css files addresses – Rami Nov 13 '12 at 18:46

Solved (again) in myself!

in the widgets.css i add the #sidebar before any widget i want him to display on the side bar. so, it look like this:

#sidbar .widget_categories h3
#sidbar .widget_categories li
(padding: 8px 0;)

instead of:

.widget_categories h3
.widget_categories li
(padding: 8px 0;)

and it work!

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