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Is it possible to add a link on the top menubar of the Administration page (Catalog, Orders, Customers...) going straight to a module's configuration page? I've inherited a large module with a ton of messy code that I'd really like to leave be, if at all possible.

The only requirement is that its configuration has to be accessible from that menu bar in particular (or, if there's no other possible option, from the quick links section; this one in particular can easily be achieved, except for the token part).

EDIT: I managed to pull it off by creating an Admin controller, but I am having issues generating the correct access token. I do not really know what to do to fix it and, as such, I am hereby launching (yet another) bounty.

Here's the code I am using for the redirect:


class AdminMultiBlockController extends AdminController 
    public function __construct()
        global $cookie;

        // this doesn't really work
        $tab = 'adminmodules';
        $token = Tools::getAdminToken($tab.(int)(Tab::getIdFromClassName($tab)).(int)($cookie->id_employee));

        Tools::redirectAdmin('index.php?controller=adminmodules&configure=egr_MultiBlockSlider&token=' . $token);

My workaround was to force a working token, but this won't do.

What am I doing wrong? What parameters should I put inside the getAdminToken() function in order to successfully access a module's configuration?

I am currently using Prestashop v1.5.1.

Cheers guys!

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Not being able to reproduce the problem, I can only guess.
However, try with the following code:

$url  = 'index.php?controller=AdminModules&configure=egr_MultiBlockSlider';
$url .= '&token='.Tools::getAdminTokenLite('AdminModules');
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Perfect as usual. Rock on man, I'd totally pay you a beer right now :) –  João Pereira Nov 19 '12 at 10:54

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