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Trouble updating my datagrid in WPF

I'm having a problem and its solution has been eluding me for the last three days.

I've set up a database in SQL Server Management Studio. It's got several tables but for now my focus is only on the first table called General_Info. That table's primary key, Quote_ID, is an integer value with Identity set to true, a seed of 1000 and an increment of 1.

In Visual Studio, I'm developing a WPF application that has a DataGrid on it and a button labeled New Quote. When the user clicks the button a few text boxes appear under it along with another button labeled Submit. Once the user hits submit, the data they entered along with Quote_ID and the date (Open_Quote) are supposed to be dropped into my database and then displayed in the DataGrid.

However, in my application, when a user hits submit, nothing happens. After debugging, I'm finding that all of the data entered into the textboxes along with the date are making it into the database (I think they are any way, debugger states that the SqlValue = whatever was entered into each textbox), but no matter what I do, I can't get the Quote_ID to show up in the database, nor can I get anything to show up in the DataGrid at all.

This is the first application I've built working with SQL Server and any help anyone can provide would be much appreciated...Thank you.

Here's the code:


    public MainWindow()

    public DataSet mds; // main data set (mds)

    private void Window_Loaded_1(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            string connectionString = Sqtm.Properties.Settings.Default.SqtmDbConnectionString;

            using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString))

                //Merging tables General_Info and Quote_Data
                SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT General_Info.Quote_ID, General_Info.Open_Quote, General_Info.Customer_Name,"
                                            + "General_Info.OEM_Name, General_Info.Qty, General_Info.Quote_Num, General_Info.Fab_Drawing_Num, "
                                            + "General_Info.Rfq_Num, General_Info.Rev_Num,  Quote_Data.MOA, Quote_Data.MOQ, "
                                            + "Quote_Data.Markup, Quote_Data.FOB, Quote_Data.Shipping_Method, Quote_Data.Freight, "
                                            + "Quote_Data.Vendor_Price, Unit_Price, Quote_Data.Difference, Quote_Data.Vendor_NRE_ET, "
                                            + "Quote_Data.NRE, Quote_Data.ET, Quote_Data.STI_NET, Quote_Data.Mfg_Time, Quote_Data.Delivery_Time, "
                                            + "Quote_Data.Mfg_Name, Quote_Data.Mfg_Location "
                                            + "FROM General_Info INNER JOIN dbo.Quote_Data ON General_Info.Quote_ID = Quote_Data.Quote_ID",

                SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd);

                DataTable dt = new DataTable();


                MainGrid.ItemsSource = dt.DefaultView;

                mds = new DataSet();

                da.Fill(mds, "General_Info");

                MainGrid.DataContext = mds.Tables["General_Info"];
        catch (Exception ex)

        // renaming column names from the database so they are easier to read in the datagrid
        MainGrid.Columns[0].Header = "#";
        MainGrid.Columns[1].Header = "Date";
        MainGrid.Columns[2].Header = "Customer";
        MainGrid.Columns[3].Header = "OEM";
        MainGrid.Columns[4].Header = "Qty";
        MainGrid.Columns[5].Header = "Quote Number";
        MainGrid.Columns[6].Header = "Fab Drawing Num";
        MainGrid.Columns[7].Header = "RFQ Number";
        MainGrid.Columns[8].Header = "Rev Number";
        MainGrid.Columns[9].Header = "MOA";
        MainGrid.Columns[10].Header = "MOQ";
        MainGrid.Columns[11].Header = "Markup";
        MainGrid.Columns[12].Header = "FOB";
        MainGrid.Columns[13].Header = "Shipping";
        MainGrid.Columns[14].Header = "Freight";
        MainGrid.Columns[15].Header = "Vendor Price";
        MainGrid.Columns[16].Header = "Unit Price";
        MainGrid.Columns[17].Header = "Difference";
        MainGrid.Columns[18].Header = "Vendor NRE/ET";
        MainGrid.Columns[19].Header = "NRE";
        MainGrid.Columns[20].Header = "ET";
        MainGrid.Columns[21].Header = "STINET";
        MainGrid.Columns[22].Header = "Mfg. Time";
        MainGrid.Columns[23].Header = "Delivery Time";
        MainGrid.Columns[24].Header = "Manufacturer";
        MainGrid.Columns[25].Header = "Mfg. Location";


    class CustomerData
    private int _Quote_ID;
    private string _CustomerName;
    private string _OEMName;
    private string _OpenQuote;
    private int _Qty;
    private string _QuoteNumber;
    private string _FdNumber;
    private string _RfqNumber;
    private string _RevNumber;

    public CustomerData()
        // empty constructor

    public int Quote_ID
        get { return _Quote_ID; }
        set { _Quote_ID = value; }

    public string CustomerName
        get { return _CustomerName; }
        set { _CustomerName = value; }

    public string OpenQuote
        get { return _OpenQuote; }
        set { _OpenQuote = value; }

    public string OEMName
        get { return _OEMName; }
        set { _OEMName = value; }

    public int Qty
        get { return _Qty; }
        set { _Qty = value; }

    public string QuoteNumber
        get { return _QuoteNumber; }
        set { _QuoteNumber = value; }

    public string FdNumber
        get { return _FdNumber; }
        set { _FdNumber = value; }

    public string RfqNumber
        get { return _RfqNumber; }
        set { _RfqNumber = value; }

    public string RevNumber
        get { return _RevNumber; }
        set { _RevNumber = value; }

I don't know if this is the right way to go, but should I be pulling Quote_ID from the database and assigning it to Quote_ID in the CustomerData class and then using param.AddWithValues("Quote_ID", NewQuote.Quote_ID) to insert it into the DataGrid?

And if that is they way to go, how would I do that?

Thanks again in advance to anyone who can help

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You are running INNER JOIN in your SELECT - for this query to return any rows there should be records in General_Info and Quote_Data tables that match by their Quote_ID values. Are you inserting anything in Quote_Data table?

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Hey Igor, the General_Info table is populated by data entered in when a user fills in the form displayed after the New Quote button is clicked. The Quote_Data table will be populated by a different user at a later date (as that person will need information from the General_Info table to do their work). My hope was to have the DataGrid display data from the General_Info table and then later have the data from Quote_Data added to the appropriate row. Does that make sense? –  wrigley06 Nov 13 '12 at 19:24
Then you should be using LEFT OUTER JOIN instead of INNER –  Igor Nov 13 '12 at 19:30

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