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i have some webviews in my app, the webviews loading images from server, I parsed all pathes and cash the images.

So I getting path like this:


in my iphone simulator, similar on iphone.

I try to replace the pathes in my webview to make the app load images from disk, and it succeed but i cen see no images or even js or stylesheets (they also cached). Image tags rendering empty.

the pathes are the correct, if I create an imageview with the same pathes it works perfectly.

here some code:

var webView = Ti.UI.createWebView({
            // url : urlToShow,
            // image : "file://localhost/Users/Fincha/Library/Application%20Support/iPhone%20Simulator/6.0/Applications/1DC70FE8-0FEA-46AD-9A49-18E78282C2CA/Documents/files/4c06c87edbc3994829483e7b6be1d89c.png",
            html : "<img height='200' width='300' src='file://localhost/Users/Fincha/Library/Application%20Support/iPhone%20Simulator/6.0/Applications/1DC70FE8-0FEA-46AD-9A49-18E78282C2CA/Documents/files/4c06c87edbc3994829483e7b6be1d89c.png' />", // replacePathesInHTML([elDiD].content),
            height : Titanium.UI.SIZE

so how to show images in webview form device?

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I don't see how you got this to succeed at all..What is the point of pointing to a file on your computer? If you want to use localhost, setup a local mamp server: and then use a url like http://localhost/yourimage.png

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