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A friend and I are both working in xCode. We send each other the most recent version of the application files as a .zip or upload to our ftp whenever the other person needs to work on their area of the project. However, we have had some issues. When I last sent it to him, xCode wouldn't let him open and run the project. However, when he set his file structure up identical to mine (Developer>Apps Created>App Title) it worked fine. His structure just isn't set the same as mine so now he has to change how he is doing things to cater to me.

I suppose it could be just the structure issue, but then this would mean we shouldn't be able to open up tutorial apps from the net. Which we can both do fine no matter wherever it sits on the local machine after downloading.

Thanks for any help.

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You should set up a source control server, like SVN (or git or Perforce or...), to collaborate on projects like this. You'll eliminate all these problems involving shuffling the files back and forth, and you'll also get revision history so you can visualize differences and roll them back if they don't work.

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