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To clarify: I am using Ivy and not Maven, but I use the Maven repository structure.

I have a jar that depends upon org.apache.axis2:axis-kernel:1.5. According to the Ivy Dependecy Report I generate, axis2:axis-kernel:1.5 has a dependency on woden-api:org.apache.woden which has a dependency on org.apache.ant:ant:1.7.

I am not a developer, but I would assume that ant.jar (and ant-launcher.jar) should not be a dependency for another jar. Even stranger, I went to Maven Org's Search and pulled down the pom.xml for the Woden-API, and I don't even see a dependency section in the pom.xml.

So, where is this dependency on ant.jar coming from? Why is my dependency report claiming that woden-api is responsible if I don't see it in the woden-api jar file?

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If you take closer look at pom.xml of woden-api, you'll see that it has got parent named woden. I guess most of the dependencies that are needed for different parts of this project are specified in parent.

And here is the extract from it:


I'm not sure if it's right or wrong to depend on ant but I know that many other artifacts depend on it.

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I downloaded the source. There's no dependency for ant.jar in the woden-api source. In fact, the only dependency in the whole project are a few files in another sub-project, woden-ant, that builds Ant tasks. That makes sense. The problem is the master pom contains all dependencies for all sub-projects even though those sub-projects don't need them. This has been cleaned up in version 1.0M9, and I'll put that as a reference in my ivy.xml file and see if that prevents these other unneeded jars from loading. –  David W. Nov 14 '12 at 2:11

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