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I'm using Flexigrid with its onDoubleClick function. It returns the row as a variable when the dblclick event is fired (function (g,p))

I need to get the one cell in the row (g) that has the abbr attribute "TimeBillID". I can access the cells through g.cells[index]. The cell with the abbr may not always be the first one in the row. I've tried g.cells.filter("[abbr='TimeBillID']") and g.cells.has("[abbr='TimeBillID']")

I know I can loop through each cell until i find the one that has the abbr, however I would prefer to not do that, as some of the tables that will be using this can have 20 or more cells per row.

Structure of the row:

   <td abbr="TimeBillID"></td>
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Wont $("td[abbr='TimeBillID']"); do? –  alexn Nov 13 '12 at 19:29
No, that did not work, but $(g).children('td').filter('[abbr="TimeBillID"]'); did. Thanks! –  S Grimminck Nov 13 '12 at 20:03

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thanks to alexn the answer was $(g).children('td').filter('[abbr="TimeBillID"]');

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