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I was trying to learn how to use PhoneGap to build BlackBerry apps. I followed Guide from PhoneGap and sorted out the Webworks SDK as well as retrieved the signing keys.

Then I used ant blackberry load-device trying to deploy the sample apps onto the real device. But the signing process seemed freeze forever, some of the *.cod file got signed, but most of them just showing "Receiving Response":

sign tool

And the command line output:

Buildfile: /path-to-sample/sample/build.xml



     [echo] Generated name: cordovaExample.cod

   [delete] Deleting directory /path-to-sample/sample/build

    [mkdir] Created dir: /path-to-sample/sample/build/widget
     [copy] Copying 22 files to /path-to-sample/sample/build/widget
      [zip] Building zip: /path-to-sample/sample/build/

     [exec] [INFO]              Parsing command line options
     [exec] [INFO]              Parsing
     [exec] [INFO]              Validating application archive
     [exec] [INFO]              Parsing config.xml 
     [exec] [INFO]              Populating application source
     [exec] [INFO]              Compiling BlackBerry WebWorks application
     [exec] [INFO]              Starting signing tool

I've tried twice, no luck in either of them. The difference is which *.cod file got signed in Signature Tool.

So could you guys help me to figure out why it got stuck at there? Cheers.


If I force quit the Signature Tool, I'll got the output like:

     [exec] [ERROR]             Signing failed
     [exec] RIM Wireless Handheld Java Loader
     [exec] Copyright 2001-2010 Research In Motion Limited
     [exec] Connecting to device...
     [exec] Connected                 Loading /path-to-sample/sample/build/StandardInstall/cordovaExampleError: unable to open file
     [exec] Disconnected

Total time: 22 minutes 4 seconds

I'm sure I got my device connected and able to communicate with my computer.

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The signature tool the packager uses requires JDK6, 32-bit even if you are on a 64-bit machine. You can confirm which you have installed in C:\Program Files\Java or C:\Program Files (x86)\Java.

Generally you should only have one JDK/JRE combination installed, having multiple may interfere and the signer may still hang if it is accessing JDK7 (or a 64-bit version) even if JDK6, 32-bit is installed.

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thanks, but as u can see on the screenshot i posted, the Signature-Tool can sign some of them, and each time it can successfully signed different *.cods. Is it a network related issue? – ss1271 Nov 13 '12 at 23:10
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After few hours continuously re-trying on this signing procedure, I finally successfully got the binary signed.

Looks like the successful rate is between 6/10 to 7/10. Meanwhile I am pretty sure about my internet connectivity was good.

It's a weird problem, probably due to RIM's signing server or the sign-tool's bug. Just keep trying may resolve this problem.

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