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I have a website running behind a load balancer. There are two servers in the load balancer cluster. Each runs Varnish 3.0 and Apache/PHP (I know varnish could load balance for me - but we have a preference for a different LB tech).

Every now and again I need to purge an URL or two...

In my VCL I have as a trusted URL for PURGEs. And a standard purge config:



    if (req.request == "PURGE") {

        # Allow requests from trusted IPs to purge the cache

        if (!client.ip ~ trusted) {

           error 405 "Not allowed.";


        return(lookup); # @see vcl_hit;



sub vcl_hit {

if (req.request == "PURGE") {


    error 200 "Purged (via vcl_hit)";


if (!(obj.ttl > 0s)) {

    return (pass);


return (deliver);


sub vcl_miss {

if (req.request == "PURGE"){


    error 404 "Not in Cache";


return (fetch);


Now from a shellscript I want to invalidate an URL.

curl -X PURGE

Doesnt work, but

curl -X PURGE

Does work. Problem here is - I need to invalidate on each local machine in cluster - not have the request go out and back in via the load balancer (because I dont know which machine will take the PURGE).

Hope this makes sense


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You need to connect to localhost but Varnish still need to know which Host you want to PURGE.

I'm not sure but try something like the following :

curl -X PURGE -H "Host:"
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great - that works - thanks so much. – user1614933 Nov 13 '12 at 20:54

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