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I have an alternate view for a widget. In that view I'm suppressing the wrapper using code like this:


This works, but I'd like to only suppress the Widget.Wrapper. Right now it is also suppressing the Widget.ControlWrapper which prevents the edit buttons from displaying when I have the Widget Control Wrapper module enabled.

Is there any way to clear only the Widget.Wrapper while keeping the Widget.ControlWrapper?

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In case anyone comes across this for a similar problem, I was able to suppress the Widget.Wrapper thusly in a Widget-Sidebar.cshtml file in my theme:

@using Orchard.DisplayManagement.Descriptors;
@using Orchard.Environment.Extensions;

I started out by using the Shape Tracing tool to create an alternate for widgets I had in a "sidebar" column (basically a <div id="sidebar"> I have in my layout as @Zone(Model.Sidebar)).

I placed the code above in the Widget-Sidebar.cshtml alternate that I created using Shape Tracing.

Model.Metadata.Wrappers.Clear(); as used by the OP completely removes everything, to the point where in Shape Tracing it won't even show up as a widget. Adding my own alternate (Widget.SideBarWrapper.cshtml, which is added as "Widget_SideBarWrapper" above) would not fix this. I felt that was wrong even though the content displayed.


seemed the right way to go (i.e., Shape Tracing still showed a Widget), but it appears to REMOVE all the other wrappers, so you then have to add your new wrapper along with Widget.ControlWrapper.cshtml (written as "Widget_ControlWrapper" in code above).


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I was able to add back the Widget.ControlWrapper like this:


This seems to be working just like I wanted.

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