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I'm building out an audio media recorder/player with PhoneGap. It's all working beautifully, but I've hit a wrinkle I can't seem to iron.

my_media.play(); does indeed play the media w/o error in my Eclipse or XCode consoles which is why the alert that is showing a -1 is puzzling. I expect my_media.getDuration(); to return the duration of the file I'm attempting to play.

My try/catch block isn't throwing an error, I'm quite puzzled on this one. Here's the PhoneGap documentation on Media.getDuration().

function playAudio() {

    $('#btnPlayMessage, #btnStartStopRecording, #btnDeleteMessage, #btnAcceptUpload').addClass('ui-disabled');

    my_media = new Media(fullRecordPath,

        // success callback
        function () {
            $('#btnPlayMessage, #btnStartStopRecording, #btnDeleteMessage, #btnAcceptUpload').removeClass('ui-disabled');

        // error callback
        function (err) {
            console.log("attempting to play fullRecordPath = "+fullRecordPath);
            console.log("playAudio():Audio Error: " + err.code);

    var thisDuration;

        thisDuration = my_media.getDuration();
    } catch (err) {
        console.log("attempting to get duration error code "+err.code);
        console.log("attempting to get duration error message "+err.message);

    alert("we're about play a file of this duration "+thisDuration);


    // stop playback when the stop button is tapped
        $('#btnPlayMessage, #btnStartStopRecording, #btnDeleteMessage, #btnAcceptUpload').removeClass('ui-disabled');

    // if the user leaves the page, stop playback
    $('#pageRecordMessage').live('pagehide', function()
        $('#btnPlayMessage, #btnStartStopRecording, #btnDeleteMessage, #btnAcceptUpload').removeClass('ui-disabled');
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The metadata for the media in question has not been loaded when you call my_media.getDuration(). In the documentation you referenced in your question the example code puts the getDuration call into an interval:

var timerDur = setInterval(function() {
    counter = counter + 100;
    if (counter > 2000) {
    var dur = my_media.getDuration();
    if (dur > 0) {
        document.getElementById('audio_duration').innerHTML = (dur) + " sec";
}, 100);

I would recommend doing something similar.

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I have it like you into setInterval but still doesn't work. It returns always -1. What can be the reason? Because it is executing well. The file type can be the problem? I am using mp3 –  Iban Arriola Oct 31 '13 at 16:16

This solution works for me. Basically, play and immediately stop. It doesn't seem to take any time, seems like a decent workaround.

var length = media.getDuration();
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